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What are your center hours?
Our center is open at a minimum from 7 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week. We value visits from family members and friends and encourage their visits at any other times with advance notice.

Can you provide or arrange transportation?
We do provide or arrange transportation at our center. Family members can transport their loved ones; otherwise, we are able to coordinate transportation. Ask us for more details.

What is the cost?
There is a standard fee for all residents of Heartfelt Manor. A standard day of service includes comprehensive care, including nursing supervision and personal assistance, recreational activities, nutritious meals and snacks, and arrangement or provision of transportation.
Call us for more information.

What if my loved one is unsure about residing at Heartfelt Manor?
Our center has trained staff to deal with this situation. You can remind your loved one that the program is a benefit for them and they will be part of a group with similar interests. Once your loved one meets our staff and residents, integration becomes easier. We are sure they will enjoy their time with us.

Can my loved one be a resident if they have dementia, are in a wheelchair, or are incontinent?
Yes, we welcome them when openings are available. Our center is equipped with staff members who are trained to assist your loved one with the activities of daily living.

How do I get someone started in the program?
It is easy to get information. Just call Owner/Manager Ginny at Heartfelt Manor, Inc., at (575) 625-9145 to arrange a meeting with us to discuss further details.



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